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The Windward Witch
29 August 2015 @ 06:01 pm
It's been a long damned time, elljay.
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The Windward Witch
23 March 2014 @ 10:30 am
...a medley of my LJ userpics that seem relevant to my feelings:

biker chicks 659446 Applause HeartMyVag dilligaf
cock lava_ghoul lips MidFingOfApocalypse oie_7138360VVMD4QZ RichardHeadBewareOfDyke-pnged454961Banging_mom
FagCourt Shame TasteRainbowDILLIGAF vagina blood YMCA

Gee I wonder who's gonna go in his place to the mardi gras... hee.
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The Windward Witch
07 February 2014 @ 02:19 pm
The following from articles in Wikipedia and the CDC.
alobar, based upon my symptoms whenever I am in your house for longer than an hour, I estimate the CO levels in your house hover between 400-800 ppm.
Cut for length.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_monoxide_poisoning

Wikipedia ExcerptsCollapse )

Source: http://www.cdc.gov/co/faqs.htm

CDC ExcerptsCollapse )
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The Windward Witch
*this is cross-posted from the Jackson Square group on Facebook, and cross-posted back onto my own FB timeline. So nobody has to read this three times lol*


Just now, I received the following email (I dotted out the parts that had nothing to do with this issue; I didn't change her words at all):
"I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago.... Anyway you gave me a reading and it was soooo spot on and I wanted to thank you for it again... After I had seen you I stayed for a few days and was out and about in the city and had decided to get another reading, just for good measure, and I had told them that I had already had a reading by you. I got the reading which was way different but very generic. When I mentioned that my previous reading was much more on point they told me "She is a problem around here.." and "she wont be around here to much longer..." as well as calling you a "scammer". She seemed flustered about the whole deal especially since I said that your reading was better. Anyway I just figured I would e-mail you and tell you what happened but also wanted to thank you again for your kindness and honesty..."

My reply was this:
"Thank you for your email! I'm so glad to have helped you; please don't hesitate to contact me again if you have any other questions.
I can't imagine what the person meant. I have no intention of going anywhere. The only 'problem' I am to anybody on the Square, is to those people who break the laws that apply to us, and make us look bad in the eyes of the city.
I'm so sorry you seem to have been dragged into a little Jackson Square drama. I hope that doesn't cast any negative light around us readers...."

Now, here's my thing. In case anybody is unaware of this, I know that I am a bitch. I am happy and secure with that. I have no intention of stopping being so. I don't want to hear anybody's drama. I am often critical of "readers" who act unprofessionally out in view of the public. It is because I care about my job, and I don't want our city to have any reason to drive us from the Square. I do not look to Jackson Square for my social life. If I am not "Friendly" to people out there that is why. That is my prerogative.
It's also been a long while since I've cared what anybody thinks of me, or what they have to say about me, who is not in my family or is not somebody I respect. Likewise I do not care about being called a "scammer". I know who I am. I know my own education. I have been doing readings on Jackson Square since NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE. I have fought in City Hall, the 8th District/View Carre Commission, and Superior Court for our rights to be out there at all. I will take the "Pepsi Challenge" against anybody else's reputation out there, come out on top, and still not give a fuck. ;)
What I DO care about, is this: Who the hell is such a stupid, immature, insecure, troublemaking, pathetic, shit-talking, liar piece of crap that they don't see anything wrong with bashing another reader to the Public??? Do they not realize how that makes us ALL look?
Do they not get that a house divided looks like prime freaking real estate to a group of City Hall sycophants who will stop at nothing to try and drive us all out of the Quarter?

So. You have a problem with me you wish to discuss? I am more than willing to hear it. Can't say I'll care. But you're welcome to try your luck. You want to try to make me "not be around here much longer"? Again I welcome you to try. You need to get some agro off your chest? Come tell me off. That's fine. I can respect that. You wanna talk shit about the Eevil, Skeery Kelleigh to all the other readers, go right ahead. Go start yourself a little "We Hate Kelleigh" club. Last time that happened, people started calling me "The Duchess" (meaning something about me thinking I was "better" than everybody) because they thought it would piss me off. I made it my MySpace name. Talk all you want AMONGST YOURSELVES.

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The Windward Witch
A friend posted the following on her facebook timeline. Being that it is my birthday today, a day famous for soul searching and introspection, I gave a lot of thought to my reply. Now I'm curious what you all might have to say...

"If you had a chance to say something to yourself when you were between the ages of 13-20, what would you tell you? What advice would have been the most deeply helpful to you?

Not like 'don't sleep with that one dude, he has herpes'. Because that's situation specific. What tools would you have armed yourself with to face the world?"

My reply follows:Collapse )
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The Windward Witch
In response to this whiny, ranty, Alas, Poor Me post I made the other week (which I concluded by lamenting my lack of vanilla chai), one of them saw fit to send me this:

THANK YOU, fallconsmate!!!!!!!

O hei, I have to go naow and make some chai. For liek the next four years.
:D :D :D
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The Windward Witch
10 October 2013 @ 11:14 am

Repost from FB:

OK, Good morning, guize.
So today, I'm going to be on the Square doing readings to pay the electric bill of a friend whose SSI bennies have still not come because of the stupid Gov't shutdown (MURICA!!!) (Yeah, don't let freakin' Fox news try to tell you people's payments haven't been suspended. I know of at least three others).
So here's your chance; anybody who's been meaning to come by and get a reading from me, today would be a fantastic day to do so. I'll be (on or as close as I can get to) the corner of Chartres and Saint Peter St., from about noon-thirty till about 7pm. Maybe 8 or 9. But at least 7.



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The Windward Witch

Reposted from one of my FB groups.  Spoiler alert: Whiny fml rant. Proceed at your own risk.

OK, Stupidest Day. Evar.
After losing a week's worth of income to that ridiculous Rain And Wind Event™ that was(n't) Tropical Storm Karen, I woke this morning raring to get out to work, only to be plagued by Day Three of a nasty bout of the sciatica that comes and goes with me ever since I broke my back in the 80s. Not usually this long-lasting,  but it has been worse. Decided to go out to work anyway.
I should have cast a fucking chart or something.

Read more...Collapse )

Oh and, also? I'm out of vanilla chai. FUUUUUUUUUUUU


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The Windward Witch
OK, so let's see here...
Dog and cat food - check.
Stuff to make red beans - check.
Package of AA batteries - check.
Box of Honey Nut O's - check.
Rum and red drink - check.

Whatever-this-stupid-rainstorm-is-going-to-be preparedness level - bring it on, bitch.
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The Windward Witch
07 September 2013 @ 05:13 pm
Below is my reply to This, which has been the inspiration for much controversy and alarm around Jackson Square.Long ranty post about work.Collapse )

There are some pretty cool replies to it, where I posted it on the Jackson Square FB group.
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