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07 September 2013 @ 05:13 pm
Oh Lupin, you so trashy.  
Below is my reply to This, which has been the inspiration for much controversy and alarm around Jackson Square.

So... While the appropriate shouts and recriminations are going on, as well as the predictable "I TOLD YOu SO!" rants, I thought I'd toss my own into the mix for y'alls considerations.
The fact is, Mister Lupin, nutsack that he is, is somewhat correct in his reasoning for wanting to pressure City Hall to legislate illegally against us. I Have Been Saying This For Years. And everybody with whom I have had this conversation smiles and nods, and then goes and yammers about what a "holier than thou", confrontational bitch I am. And they're right. But still, my point is proven: That the appearance and habits of a number of readers on Jackson Square WILL bring trouble on us all.
The fact is, that under our current levels of legislation and enforcement, we do not have the luxury of an "official" set of standards for our performances on Jackson Square. We have always had to regulate on our own. Always. Over the years, there have been several attempts to do this; various Houses (Scorpio, Ishtar, etc) and associations (JSPA) have written up "guidelines" for their members. I have most of them, if anybody would like a copy. I'll probably just upload them to the group, come to think of it...
But those guidelines are generally scoffed at by those people that Lupin refers to. And since the Federal Levee Failure, we have had NO luck in appropriate law enforcement around the Square. Since Don Powers left last year, there is officially NO cop out there who is aware of the correct ordinances that apply to us, or the court rulings which led to those ordinances. That's fucking scary. But it's also why those people have been allowed to remain. (Actually. As long as I'm going tl,dr with this post- if a person were paranoid, a person might even suspect that local law enforcement has been ALLOWING all of this bullshit to go on, in a conspiratorial effort to have us "dig our own graves", so that it would be easy to pressure the Mayor to seek overturning of the Supreme Court ruling that protects us. Talk about your scary!) Kinda makes you miss Chris LaHarre and Al Miller a little, don't it? ;)
The fact is, as long as we "allow" garbage to be piled up at setups, drugs to be used, fights to be had, and trouble to be made, we will be deaing with people like Lupin. It's a tricky line, between the civil rights that allow our presence and the common sense that will keep the VCC at bay. But anybody out there who is scaring tourists away, whether with their filth or smell, or their garbage, or their drugs, or the collection of loud friends... OR their barking ("calling out") which is illegal anyway- anybody doing any of these things is a danger to all of us, and preventing all of us from making money. They are also helping to perpetuate a very damaging stereotype of Psychic Readers everywhere. Unfortunately, most of the people to whom these things apply will not care. If the city banishes readers they will just go on to another "hustle". Those of us who are committed to our profession and believe in what we do are the ones who will suffer.

I know, I know. Something something "siding with The Enemy" and somesuch. Whatever. I will be in court -again- fighting against whatever proposed legislation might come of this; as I have done each time city council or the VCC has tried to banish us since 1989. I will -again- be donating to the legal fund. Will any of the people to whom Ralph Nutsack Lupin is referring be doing the same? Will you?

There are some pretty cool replies to it, where I posted it on the Jackson Square FB group.
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Alobar Greywalker: Monkey in Contemplationalobar on September 7th, 2013 06:57 pm (UTC)
I was planning to write an e-mail to Lupin, introducing myself and agreeing with some of his points. Then pointing out that all night squats, drunken parties on the Square, use of illegal drugs, etc. are ALREADY against state law or local ordinance. So no NEW laws are needed, just prodding the city to get the cops &/or French Market Security guards to ENFORCE those laws.
The Windward Witchkellcrow7 on September 7th, 2013 07:38 pm (UTC)
I'll probably post the above as a reply to the article on the Advocate site, and anywhere else Lupin's rant has been reported.
I also just got done uploading all the legal files you, me, and Michael have collected onto the FB group. And Xander (a reader I'm not sure if you know or not; he usually sets up at Calcutta) posted a link to the Municode site.
The Windward Witch: Yours Trulykellcrow7 on September 7th, 2013 07:44 pm (UTC)
From Pete Bennett (glass harmonica): "...The Square is a public space and must remain available to all of us to use in an appropriate manner. Is a band making too much noise after the "normal" people who pay usurious rents to inhabit the historic apartments surrounding the square? There are sufficient laws on the books to handle such a situation. Is a drunken "gutter punk" cursing and fomenting trouble for others scaring away tourists (read "clients")? There are sufficient laws .... Does accumulated junk and piles of trash and garbage remain on the square after the pitch has been abandoned? There are --- oh heck, finish the sentence yourself! Dr. Lupin, a respected member of New Orleans society, has taken on responsibility beyond his already crushing professional duties to try to clean up and make safer the neighborhood in which we live and/or make our livings. It serves no purpose for us to antagonize each other, rather we should be searching for ways to maintain communication and negotiation in a civil manner."

To which I replied: "Thanks, Pete. I have always said, ...or wait; I Have Been Saying For Years, that we ALREADY have the legislation that would correct a lot of the unpleasantness on the Square; we just don't have anybody who is A) apprised of, and B ) willing to enforce these laws. That's why the paranoid me has been fretting over the idea that local enforcement has just been letting things go on, letting us dig our own pit of trouble for nutsacks like Lupin to come along and demand Something Be Done."
ladytwnksfallconsmate on September 7th, 2013 07:36 pm (UTC)
if you cannot get the groups to police themselves, things like this are going to happen, and the Very Vocal Nutsacks are going to be able to police the area for EVERYONE.

keep up the good rants, darlin!
The Windward Witch: Yours Trulykellcrow7 on September 7th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
:D :D :D
LOLOL and just about at the very time you were writing that to me, I was posting a reply onto our FB group to something somebody else said:
"...And then also, a comment that the Quality of Life officer circa.. oh, like 2002 or '03 or something like that... made at an 8th District Quality of Life meeting always comes back to me: that NOPD does not have enough units available to patrol Jackson Square as much as it is needed, and that we were "just going to have to learn to police" ourselves. At the time, that comment enraged me (and Michael, and Alobar, and Ragnar, and Mel, and Carson... and everybody else who was at that meeting lol) Of course that was many years ago, back when we actually had expectations of proper representation and protection out there, hahaha. But it applies now, even more than then. We NEED to start taking PERSONAL responsibility to uphold the standards and laws that pertain to us. If that means alerting law enforcement of a 24-hour setup, or some crack addict hustling visitors from his table, or telling somebody, "Hey- pick up your shit" when they're leaving a pile of garbage behind in the spot they just left. We really need to start becoming a Jackson Square version of Nazi youth if we have any expectations of getting over this."

Hahaha, brilliant minds. <3
ladytwnksfallconsmate on September 7th, 2013 07:49 pm (UTC)
well, absolutely we are with the brilliant minds! :D

*hugs and hugs* and i swear to gods, now that we have REASONS to go to lousiana, i WILL eventually make it to N'awlins and to the square. seriously.

and OMG that little buglett of mine is such an adorable little grandbaby girl...i tell the ex all the time that i'm jealous he's RIGHT THERE with her every day!