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23 March 2014 @ 10:30 am
In honor of the passing of Fred Phelps...  
...a medley of my LJ userpics that seem relevant to my feelings:

biker chicks 659446 Applause HeartMyVag dilligaf
cock lava_ghoul lips MidFingOfApocalypse oie_7138360VVMD4QZ RichardHeadBewareOfDyke-pnged454961Banging_mom
FagCourt Shame TasteRainbowDILLIGAF vagina blood YMCA

Gee I wonder who's gonna go in his place to the mardi gras... hee.
The Universe finds me:: On hold to give a fuck...
They tell me I am:: blankblank
The Voices are playing:: You Can't Always Get What You Want...